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Server House Ltd. makes every effort to ensure all the data presented is correct, and that the results are fair and accurate. Since our tests are automated, erroneous results may get included and published before we have time to correct them. If any errors are pointed out to us, we will endeavour to correct them. Webperf, Server House Ltd. or any third parties publishing our results cannot be held responsible for any loss of business through printing accurate or inaccurate results.

Server House Ltd. reserves the right to publish any or all of the information submitted to Webperf. Submitting a site for testing will be taken as consent to this. Webperf is unable to test companies that do not wish to publish this information publicly.

Please note that sites will not be included in the testing if they do not fulfil the test criteria. Participation in Webperf testing is on a purely voluntary basis and companies are at liberty to remove themselves from the testing by contacting the Webperf Administrator. Webperf reserves the right to remove companies from the test at its discretion without prior notification.

All information on this site is the sole copyright of Server House Ltd. Permission must be sought by anyone wishing to publish or reproduce any part or the whole of this data.

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